Soft Territories

Knockdown Center, NY

May 4th + June 23rd, 2019

Group exhibition presenting works by Victoria Manganiello, Simón Sepúlveda, and Sarah Zapata at the Knockdown Center. The exhibition explores the ways in which notions of movement, migration, and locality are expressed in contemporary textile practices. The warp and weft of the loom – the basic structure of textiles being composed of longitudinal and transverse components – echoes current critical thinking about verticality and horizontality in social and economic structures. In the artworks included, the intersection of the two planes of woven thread express ideas about politics, territories, technologies, and interactions, while enabling spaces of softness, warmth, and shelter.
Special thanks to DIRAC Chile for supporting this project

Check the New York Times’ review here

Exhibition view. Victoria Manganiello, No Title & Get Me Out of Here
Exhibition view. Simón Sepúlveda. Juan, Simón (Self-portrait) & We need no flags.
Sarah Zapata. Performance & reading along To Teach or To Assume Authority.
Victoria Manganiello, No Title & Get Me Out of Here (detail).
Simón Sepúlveda, We Need No Flags.
Sarah Zapata, To Teach or To Assume Authority.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.

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